5-Nin no ou
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

5-Nin no ou

Alternative Titles 5 nin no Ou, 5人の王, 5人之王, 5인의 왕, 5인의 왕 외전, Five Beings from God, Go-nin no Ou, Gonin no Ou, Năm vị vua, Пять королей, 五人の王, 다섯명의왕

Synopsis 5-Nin no ou

There are 5 Kings carrying the blood of a god who govern a land called Chevron. Seiji, who has no relatives except his young sister who carries a godly power of reading the stars, agrees to devote himself to the arrogant and ruthless Blue King, Azure. However, by chance he meets the gentle and caring Red King Gules, is healed by his gentleness and then slowly falls in love with him.

But the Blue King does not forgive Seiji's thoughts, who is still his property, and as if to ridicule him Azure starts toying with his emotions. (Source: Sals Scans)

Released 2015
Author Eniwa
Artist Epo
Serialization Daria (Frontier Works)
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