Kakekara Hajimaru Sayonara no Koi
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Kakekara Hajimaru Sayonara no Koi

Alternative Titles Goodbye's Love Begins With Betting, Kake Kara Hajimaru Sayonara no Koi, 始于赌约的告别之恋, 始於賭約的告別之戀, 賭けからはじまるサヨナラの恋, 賭け恋

Synopsis Kakekara Hajimaru Sayonara no Koi

With her stern efficiency, Nao Yoshinaga is known as the Ice Iron Lady of the company. One day, she overheard colleagues making a bet with Satomura that he could make Nao fall for him. Unbeknownst to them, Nao has had a secret crush on Satomura for all this time. The bet could turn out to be her best chance! Pixiv Comic

Released 2020
Author Porun
Serialization Comic Elmo (Micro Magazine)
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