Sleeping In My Book
Status Ongoing
Type Manhua

Sleeping In My Book

Alternative Titles Mián Yú Wǒ Shū Zhōng, Sleeping In My Book, Sleeping Inside My Book, 眠于我书中

Synopsis Sleeping In My Book

Xu Su, a novelist suffering from a mental disorder, somehow managed to summon Zhong Ye, an evil spirit from his novel. Despite Xu Su’s best efforts to eliminate Zhong Ye, he was pushed to the edge of insanity again and again. To free himself from this torment, Xu Su finally fulfilled Zhong Ye’s wish and unlocked the seal. But his life did not return to the peaceful days that Xu Su had hoped for. “Surely you know, that if you make a deal with the devil, sooner or later you’ll lose yourself to him…”Original Webcomic

Released 2021
Author 蛹太
Artist 蛹太
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