The Monster is Ready for Dinner
Status Ongoing
Type Manhua

The Monster is Ready for Dinner

Alternative Titles The Demon Is Ready For Dinner!, The Monster Is Ready for Dinner!, Yāo Kāifàn La!, 妖开饭啦!

Synopsis The Monster is Ready for Dinner

Yu Ni, a man with a few screws loose, bought a husky and embarked on a journey of killing monsters in mainland China, in order to find and retrieve his own perception and abilities. The talented great chef, beautiful young lady, Wuzai incidentally tasted monster’s meat and was greatly amazed at it afterward. She was determined to create a cookbook heirloom based on monsters. Then, the group went on the incredible killing monsters and making culinary adventures together!Original Webcomic

Released 2021
Author 拖拖 [Add, ]绘世TONY [Add, ]
Artist 拖拖 [Add, ]绘世TONY [Add, ]
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