The Stalker
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

The Stalker

Alternative Titles The Stalker, ツキマトイ。~鳴り止まない足音~

Synopsis The Stalker

Six years have passed since the “man who stalked me and stabbed me” was released, but the fear of that man never ended for me …– The main character, Aiki, is a single who lives with her son. Mother. A nurse who is able to work and has a lot of hope … When she comes home one day, he hits a stun gun against the beat spoken by the caregiver Misaki from behind. Misaki is surprised at the sudden thing. When asked why he was over-defending … Aiki began to talk about the scars left on his abdomen six years ago …-Will the case end if the stalker perpetrator was caught? A horrifying sus…

Released 2019
Author Noresore
Artist Noresore
Serialization Comic Goichi (Comic Ishin)
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