Your Circle is so messy
Status Ongoing
Type Manhua

Your Circle is so messy

Alternative Titles Guì Quān Zhēn Luàn!, How Chaotic Your Circle Is!, Your Circle is so Messy, 贵圈真乱!

Synopsis Your Circle is so messy

A love-hate romance story set in the entertainment industry! Following a major car accident, the only survivors are the actress and director’s five-year-old daughter Chu Xia (Idk why it’s called Chu Xia and not Su Qian Xia, the FMC’s name but whatever could be a name change). Twelve years later, Su Qian Xia went from the countryside to the city. By coincidence, she was attracted by the scout Bai Jun who seduced Su Qian Xia into the entertainment industry. Bai Jun wanted to train her to be an artist who is better than the ones in the “IN” company. Su Qian Xia thought she belonged to the same…

Released 2017
Author 咪咕动漫原创漫画
Artist 咪咕动漫原创漫画
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